Memberships and Airstreams for Sale

Information about memberships for sale, and the lots associated with the memberships, is presented below.  Listings of Airstreams for sale by TCPC owners also appear on this page.  At the bottom of the page is a description of the process for purchasing a membership as well as a contact for more information.

Trailers and Motorhomes

Purchasing a Membership

 If you are interested in purchasing a membership at TCPC approval by our membership committee is required. Please follow these guidelines:

1. Contact the membership owner directly at their number listed above.

2. Reach an agreement on price and terms - but do NOT exchange money until after new member orientation is conducted and transfer is approved.

3. Inform membership committee and schedule an in-person orientation at TCPC.

4. Attend orientation with membership committee. 

5. If approved for membership, pay the original owner the agreed upon price for membership. Upon payment of a lot transfer fee to TCPC, and verification of your payment to the previous owner, your new membership certificate will be issued.

PLEASE NOTE: A TCPC corporate certificate signifies ownership of one (1) membership in the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground. The certificate entitles the holder to use a campsite space and any facilities which are available on club property. The member is subject to all rules and regulations as set forth in the Bi-Laws and Campground Rules. The certificate transfers only after review and approval by the Membership Committee. Membership transfers and interviews occur only between April 15 and October 15.

Contact the following for a membership application and other information:

Sheryl Williamson - Lot 109  - (901) 488-2600 or 

Members wishing to sell their membership, please give information to: 

Sheryl Williamson - Lot 109  - (901) 488-2600 or 

TCPC will require your Lot Certificate of Membership before lot can be transferred.